Monday, February 20, 2012

Silhouette SD and Adobe Illustrator

Setting up Drivers
  1. Download the Drivers from:
  2. Select "Graphtec Craft ROBO" when prompted by the drivers.
  3. Download 'Cutting Master 2 for Craft ROBO' from the CraftROBO site under support CC330-20/330-20.  I selected this on since my Silhouette SD says CC330L when it powers up.
  4. If you can't create a new account, my serial number didn't work just search for the file on google in the URL when creating a new account:, which took me to the file. Or download here if the link still works/

Creating an Illustrator Document that will Cut Correctly

  1. Create a Document at the size you'd like to cut.
  2. Search for a simple image that would make a great silhouette. Create Commons Example
  3. Once you've found your image, drag it into you open illustrator document, and run live trace.
  4. Hit Ctrl+Y to see the outline that will be cut, and notice you don't see anything. Hit Ctrl+Y again to restore image.
  5. Select the Ninja and hit Expand. Now when you hit Ctrl+Y you can see where the Sihouette SD will cut. Ctrl+Y to return to normal view.
  6. You'll notice a box around the ninja this is the white areas created by live trace, we don't want those first right click/ungroup the ninja.
  7. Then un-select the ninja, and re-select a white area and go to Select/Same/Fill Color, and press delete.
  8. With this image you are done, but for more complex images you can use the eraser and blob brush tool to clean up images that have been converted this way.
  9. You'll also notice with Text that Ctrl+Y doesn't work correctly with text, to fix this simply select the text and go to Object/Expand.
  1. With your File open and looking correct when you hit Ctrl+Y, select File/Cutting Master Robo 2/Cut Plot.
  2. Select CraftROBO cc330L-20, give it a name, and select USB.
  3. Now within the Cut/Plot window you can move your image around and change your plotting size.
  4. If you want to see where the cut will be press the "Show Me" button on the General Tab.  Button with a red box on it, and the Sihouette SD will trace the bounds of the plot, so you can verify it's the correct size and orientation.
  5. Goto the Layering Tab, and select the type of material you'll be cutting for me I set "Film, Vinyl With Adhesive Back" and placed the blue tip on the machine.
  6. When you're ready hit send and wait!