Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Silhouette SD and Adobe Illustrator

Setting up Drivers
  1. Download the Drivers from:
  2. Select "Graphtec Craft ROBO" when prompted by the drivers.
  3. Download 'Cutting Master 2 for Craft ROBO' from the CraftROBO site under support CC330-20/330-20.  I selected this on since my Silhouette SD says CC330L when it powers up.
  4. If you can't create a new account, my serial number didn't work just search for the file on google in the URL when creating a new account:, which took me to the file. Or download here if the link still works/

Creating an Illustrator Document that will Cut Correctly

  1. Create a Document at the size you'd like to cut.
  2. Search for a simple image that would make a great silhouette. Create Commons Example
  3. Once you've found your image, drag it into you open illustrator document, and run live trace.
  4. Hit Ctrl+Y to see the outline that will be cut, and notice you don't see anything. Hit Ctrl+Y again to restore image.
  5. Select the Ninja and hit Expand. Now when you hit Ctrl+Y you can see where the Sihouette SD will cut. Ctrl+Y to return to normal view.
  6. You'll notice a box around the ninja this is the white areas created by live trace, we don't want those first right click/ungroup the ninja.
  7. Then un-select the ninja, and re-select a white area and go to Select/Same/Fill Color, and press delete.
  8. With this image you are done, but for more complex images you can use the eraser and blob brush tool to clean up images that have been converted this way.
  9. You'll also notice with Text that Ctrl+Y doesn't work correctly with text, to fix this simply select the text and go to Object/Expand.
  1. With your File open and looking correct when you hit Ctrl+Y, select File/Cutting Master Robo 2/Cut Plot.
  2. Select CraftROBO cc330L-20, give it a name, and select USB.
  3. Now within the Cut/Plot window you can move your image around and change your plotting size.
  4. If you want to see where the cut will be press the "Show Me" button on the General Tab.  Button with a red box on it, and the Sihouette SD will trace the bounds of the plot, so you can verify it's the correct size and orientation.
  5. Goto the Layering Tab, and select the type of material you'll be cutting for me I set "Film, Vinyl With Adhesive Back" and placed the blue tip on the machine.
  6. When you're ready hit send and wait!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

KL Round Two

IMG_1791We had plans to wake up nice and early and get tickets to the sky bridge at the Petronas Towers, but somehow didn’t make it there till about 11, and of course they were sold out already, so instead we walked around the park right there since we had been to look at the towers a couple times, but never had a chance to look at the park. But as soon as we walked back outside away from the damn evil AC’d mall (where the ticket booth was) we got blasted by the heat heat and humidity.  So decided to sit outside and have a tasty beverage first to help get used to the temperature again.  I decided to get a chai and it came in a glass that would have been to hot to hold, but it came with a clever holder to help keep away the burns, or to help them keep fewer types of cups.

IMG_1824After getting used to the temperature we starting walking around the park, and heard the call to prayer.  This has been petty standard throughout the trip, but this one sounded very close, so we decided to check it out.  So stayed around for a while to listen to some of it, after a while we decided to head to the central market since I was running very very low on time to find prizes for the trip.

The central market was covered different places all selling potentially amazing prizes.  Of course I had to look at every place to find the perfect items, so we ended up spending quite a bit of time there looking at all the random stuff.  It was also a bit hard since a lot of it just felt like the crap you could buy at any china town in the states, but after enough rooting around I found what I hope will be some great prizes.

After the search for prizes was complete we headed back to the room to unload and unwind a bit. Instead of taking a cab, we opted for the subway.  The ride was very pleasant and it took us within a few blocks of where we wanted to go.

IMG_1871After a nice rest we headed off to the Sky Bar since we weren’t sure we’d be motivated enough tomorrow to get to the towers early enough.  The view was great if you made reservations, and if you didn’t you ended up with a nice view of about 10 plus empty tables with perfect views all of which were “reserved”.  We stayed for a few drinks, but got a but annoyed that the hour or so we were there they never filled more than two of the “reserved” tables.  But of course before we headed out we just sat in one of them for a few minutes and took some pictures.  Which started a trend and three other groups of people came over and did the same thing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Starting the Final Leg

The trip has been going far far to quickly.  I can’t believe it’s already been 24 days.  I need more vacation time, this trip is far far to short….  Today was pretty much  just a travel day, back to Kuala Lumpur.  We walked around a little, but the taxi ride from the airport was during rush hour and took at least twice as long as last time.  So we were fine to do nothing today.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Singapore

IMG_1481Now that we had a good map of the city, we decided to start on foot today and skip the cab since we could guess about how far it actually was now. So we walked down to the Chinatown Square for breakfast and to find the Buddha tooth temple. Both were successful without the need of a cab and took a nice amount of time.

IMG_1595We decided to stick with our theme of walking and walked to Fort Canning which was a pretty long walk but luckily the weather is much cooler in Singapore.  Mind you it’s still pretty damn hot, but at least cool enough to walk a couple miles at a nice leisurely IMG_1514pace.  I really wanted a nap on the hill at Fort Canning park, but after a nice break under a tree we both cooled off enough not to feel like sweat and death, and we were full of energy to keep looking around. So after a but of looking around the park we went to the battle box, a large under ground fort and got to watch some sweet animatronic people reenact the day Singapore surrendered to Japan during WWII.

IMG_1504After all that walking we of course needed to stick with the tradition of passing out in the middle of the day, so  we broke down and took a cab back to the room.  Then in the evening we went down the street to what looked like could have been some kind of Indian Festival at the temple, and then to Orchard Road for sushi and after wards we found a little ice cream stand.  And picked up a nice sized piece of durian flavored ice cream.  I mean all the hotels hate the stuff so it had to be good right?  We first off if you know about it the stuff reeks, IMG_1715which is why hotels don’t want it.  And yes the ice cream stank something proper.  But knowing it was supposed to smell bad I assumed this was a good thing and took a nice healthy sized bite.  And it actually was pretty decent, assuming you were fine with the smell, but nothing amazing like I was hoping for. So we finished it off, happy with our choice, and knowing we at least both tired it.  But then came the burps…  That tasted horrible, and had the nasty smell like the ice cream, but it kept coming back!  All night, little nasty burps…  At the end of the night I thought it was invading the city and smelled it before we had a chance to burp up the are, but luckily it was just a stand with the fresh fruit.  So our noses were fine, and we just had to run away from the both that smelled exactly like our burps.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Singapore Sling

IMG_1197We started out the day with a bowl of tasty stuff in China town, and then headed to the see some of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.  The were pretty sweet and we spent quite a bit of time just wondering around trying not to get eaten by to many bugs.  But I’m not sure it matters any more, my legs and arms seem to just have a continual onslaught of bug bites.  But I got some funky little patches a few days ago and they seem to be doing relatively decent.

IMG_1248-EditAfter the gardens we headed to a temple, followed up by complete random wondering.  We went through Bugis Street, the largest street shopping location in Singapore which had a ton of cheap random shit, and was covered in tourist stuff.  After Bugis Street we decided to try to figure out how to find Little India without the use of a cab, so we jumped on a bus, and started on our way.  We didn’t really know where we were going, but had at least half an idea.  I really wish we had a better map of the city, the book is ok but nothing like a nice sized map with all the roads on it. After a slight detour we found it, so yes a cab would have been faster, but the bus worked out quite well.

IMG_1357After far to much walking around the city sight seeing, we headed back to the room for a quick rest so we wouldn’t pass out at 7pm tonight.  Then after a bit longer than needed we headed out for some drinks and a great view of the city. And on our way Nataly spotted a GOLD MINE at the hotel that I somehow missed.  A MAP of the CITY!!!  And actually a pretty dang good one at that, so at least now would could figure out where in the world we were at, and were our next destination was located without randomly guessing.

IMG_1387The view at the bar was great, and the drinks were tasty even if the price was a bit excessive, but the view was worth it and wasn’t much more than paying S$30 a ticket on the observation wheel. After a IMG_1418couple drinks we decided to check out the Merlion and then headed back to the room to make sure we’ll have enough energy for another day of sight seeing.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Off to Singapore

Off to the airport yet again!  We showed up a bit to early, which required wondering around the airport, but as luck had it one of the three prizes has been acquired!  And as I feel bad for everyone who is kicking them selves for not snagging one of the awesome prizes you’re in luck!  I’ll pick up some low level prizes for anyone else who comments on this post!  They won’t be nearly as cool, but I don’t want to keep talking about the search for prizes when there were only three winners.  So quick make a comment, do a back flip, whatever sounds like fun. But without a comment you get NOTHING!!!

Anyway today will probably be a boring day, since we’ll probably be figuring out what to do tomorrow this evening.  Or maybe hit a cub, get to drunk to walk, and wake up in a bath tub full of ice missing my kidneys or some other vital organ!  As long as I can keep ahold of camera I’ll be happy.  Ok I’d probably rather have my organs.  I’ll do my best to keep everything I came to Singapore with.

IMG_1126Oh and here’s a picture of my eye, why because it’s the only picture I’ve taken today that’s on the laptop…  I’ll probably have some more pictures later to add, but for now this is all you get.  Don’t forget to comment for some sweet prizes!