Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Singapore

IMG_1481Now that we had a good map of the city, we decided to start on foot today and skip the cab since we could guess about how far it actually was now. So we walked down to the Chinatown Square for breakfast and to find the Buddha tooth temple. Both were successful without the need of a cab and took a nice amount of time.

IMG_1595We decided to stick with our theme of walking and walked to Fort Canning which was a pretty long walk but luckily the weather is much cooler in Singapore.  Mind you it’s still pretty damn hot, but at least cool enough to walk a couple miles at a nice leisurely IMG_1514pace.  I really wanted a nap on the hill at Fort Canning park, but after a nice break under a tree we both cooled off enough not to feel like sweat and death, and we were full of energy to keep looking around. So after a but of looking around the park we went to the battle box, a large under ground fort and got to watch some sweet animatronic people reenact the day Singapore surrendered to Japan during WWII.

IMG_1504After all that walking we of course needed to stick with the tradition of passing out in the middle of the day, so  we broke down and took a cab back to the room.  Then in the evening we went down the street to what looked like could have been some kind of Indian Festival at the temple, and then to Orchard Road for sushi and after wards we found a little ice cream stand.  And picked up a nice sized piece of durian flavored ice cream.  I mean all the hotels hate the stuff so it had to be good right?  We first off if you know about it the stuff reeks, IMG_1715which is why hotels don’t want it.  And yes the ice cream stank something proper.  But knowing it was supposed to smell bad I assumed this was a good thing and took a nice healthy sized bite.  And it actually was pretty decent, assuming you were fine with the smell, but nothing amazing like I was hoping for. So we finished it off, happy with our choice, and knowing we at least both tired it.  But then came the burps…  That tasted horrible, and had the nasty smell like the ice cream, but it kept coming back!  All night, little nasty burps…  At the end of the night I thought it was invading the city and smelled it before we had a chance to burp up the are, but luckily it was just a stand with the fresh fruit.  So our noses were fine, and we just had to run away from the both that smelled exactly like our burps.

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