Sunday, January 16, 2011

Off to Singapore

Off to the airport yet again!  We showed up a bit to early, which required wondering around the airport, but as luck had it one of the three prizes has been acquired!  And as I feel bad for everyone who is kicking them selves for not snagging one of the awesome prizes you’re in luck!  I’ll pick up some low level prizes for anyone else who comments on this post!  They won’t be nearly as cool, but I don’t want to keep talking about the search for prizes when there were only three winners.  So quick make a comment, do a back flip, whatever sounds like fun. But without a comment you get NOTHING!!!

Anyway today will probably be a boring day, since we’ll probably be figuring out what to do tomorrow this evening.  Or maybe hit a cub, get to drunk to walk, and wake up in a bath tub full of ice missing my kidneys or some other vital organ!  As long as I can keep ahold of camera I’ll be happy.  Ok I’d probably rather have my organs.  I’ll do my best to keep everything I came to Singapore with.

IMG_1126Oh and here’s a picture of my eye, why because it’s the only picture I’ve taken today that’s on the laptop…  I’ll probably have some more pictures later to add, but for now this is all you get.  Don’t forget to comment for some sweet prizes!


  1. Well if you are talking about the same olympus that I have and took to Mexico and did the same shit that you are describing then I'm really amazed that yours has lasted as long as it did. I'm glad to see that you are having fun. I tried to comment on the previous prize blog but I was too late and it wouldn't let me!

  2. I don't think you'll lose any organs there - that's usually Tijuana right? What camera did you end up buying as your replacement for the monkey-taken one? Keep having an awesome time!

  3. The eye really creeps me out.

  4. @Kiley I picked up a Canon G12, canon's high end point a shoot. Good camera but I already had the G9 so kind of dumb I had to get it. But it's worth it for some pictures.

    @Krista yes, I believe so. I've never had issues with it before, then it started leaking and now it's not behaving very well. I did find out there's a chunk broken out of it from on of it's falls, but that shouldn't be a problem... Ir maybe it is, who knows. LAME!