Thursday, January 20, 2011

KL Round Two

IMG_1791We had plans to wake up nice and early and get tickets to the sky bridge at the Petronas Towers, but somehow didn’t make it there till about 11, and of course they were sold out already, so instead we walked around the park right there since we had been to look at the towers a couple times, but never had a chance to look at the park. But as soon as we walked back outside away from the damn evil AC’d mall (where the ticket booth was) we got blasted by the heat heat and humidity.  So decided to sit outside and have a tasty beverage first to help get used to the temperature again.  I decided to get a chai and it came in a glass that would have been to hot to hold, but it came with a clever holder to help keep away the burns, or to help them keep fewer types of cups.

IMG_1824After getting used to the temperature we starting walking around the park, and heard the call to prayer.  This has been petty standard throughout the trip, but this one sounded very close, so we decided to check it out.  So stayed around for a while to listen to some of it, after a while we decided to head to the central market since I was running very very low on time to find prizes for the trip.

The central market was covered different places all selling potentially amazing prizes.  Of course I had to look at every place to find the perfect items, so we ended up spending quite a bit of time there looking at all the random stuff.  It was also a bit hard since a lot of it just felt like the crap you could buy at any china town in the states, but after enough rooting around I found what I hope will be some great prizes.

After the search for prizes was complete we headed back to the room to unload and unwind a bit. Instead of taking a cab, we opted for the subway.  The ride was very pleasant and it took us within a few blocks of where we wanted to go.

IMG_1871After a nice rest we headed off to the Sky Bar since we weren’t sure we’d be motivated enough tomorrow to get to the towers early enough.  The view was great if you made reservations, and if you didn’t you ended up with a nice view of about 10 plus empty tables with perfect views all of which were “reserved”.  We stayed for a few drinks, but got a but annoyed that the hour or so we were there they never filled more than two of the “reserved” tables.  But of course before we headed out we just sat in one of them for a few minutes and took some pictures.  Which started a trend and three other groups of people came over and did the same thing.


  1. Did you ever make it home?

  2. Maybe...... I keep forgetting to update the last couple days, which by now I probably forgot quite a few details....