Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blinged Out in LA


Just to let everyone know I picked up a third passenger the other day.  So it won’t just be Nataly and I adventuring in Malaysia, Domo will be joining us!  As you can see he’s blinged out for the Los Angles international airport.  Which doesn’t seem to have free internet, jerks…  I had the pleasure of the new ultra fancy TSA regulations even! Not in Reno of course, but for the international terminal here. I’m not sure what the big deal is I mean they didn’t even give me a cavity search, and have seen me?!?!  I’m pretty damn shady!  Anyway all I had to do was stand in the radiation death trap without moving for seven seconds. That’s about it, they’ll probably be some pretty hot pictures online of me soon.  I hope I get some of the proceeds they make, if anyone sees me out there link me up!!!  Oh one thing about the scanners you’re not supposed to have anything in your pockets, and no belt.  I had a nice plastic travel belt and I was required to take it off, and right after the scanner I had to stand in front of someone that may have thought about feeling me up, but instead just looked me over.  I know what he was thinking after seeing me pictures on the body scanner, what a pervert!

Anyway scanners are boring, and I’m still recovering from the unprecedented violations I experienced, so far the trip has been great. The first leg of the flight was in a smaller prop plane and there was a small amount of turbulence, but nothing too horrid.  They did make me runway check my bag since it was to large to fit in their tiny overhead compartments.  I ended up sitting next to a nice older lady, and chatted about my sweet travel adventures, she had to fly through LA to get to Portland with a 5 hour layover, which had made my little 5 hour lay over seem like nothing.  At least I’m flying somewhere worth a layover.  I’m glad she went the back assword way to Portland since it made the flight much more enjoyable then just sitting for two hours in a tiny seat, next to someone with a funky smell.

The next flight should be taking off soon, a nice short 13 or so hour flight; followed by the best 10 hour layover I could ever hope for! I bet you can’t wait for my next post, hopefully with something a bit more exciting than a plane flight and 5 hours of sitting next to a power plug watching movies and playing games.

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