Friday, December 31, 2010

First Day in Kuala Lumpur

Or second if you count checking it hotel at 2am…. So we haven’t actually left the hotel yet, but the included breakfast was amazing! Way better than the standard breakfasts some hotels have. Six types of juices, a plethora of fruit, potatoes, omelets, pastries, and an array Asian looking breakfast dishes. Sorry no pictures of breakfast, we forgot the camera, plus we were both starving!

IMG_6705Then off to check out the local shopping mall, a six story beast covered in named brands.  After wondering around for an hour or two we decided to head toward the Petronas Towers, but go sucked into the mall there since it was far to toasty after the 1km walk, and thought holly crap more air conditioning, YES PLEASE!  Then after sucking up the air conditioning for awhile, the unforeseeable struck, the dreaded jet lag. So thinking hey it’s a good idea to head back to the hotel and take a quick nap, even setting the alarm to make sure it wouldn’t turn itself into a six hour nap.  Well let’s just say the alarm didn’t work and a good portion of the day vanished into a dreamy haze…

IMG_6768So upon awaking let’s just say it wasn’t quite day anymore… But luckily it wasn’t midnight yet, at least not all was lost. So we rushed down stairs and quick a quick byte to eat, and took a cab to Merdeka Square.  Which was packed, and a big stage was setup with music and dancers through the night. So we listened to the entertainment IMG_6736and enjoyed the heat for about 3 hours.  Also it felt like I was watching the world cup, at least noise wise everyone had noise makes are you can see in the picture. We even had our own contraptions but nowhere near as loud as the locals.


IMG_6886Once it hit midnight the building next to us exploded into an array of lights, and the sky filled with fireworks. The fireworks were fantastic, and if you thought the sound would make you deaf before, let’s just say it was MUCH louder. New years in Kuala Lumpur was a lot of fun, and there were plenty of different places to go, the city was covered in people, during the days there were a lot of people but at midnight it was like an anthill.

* * * * * Warning P.D.A. Follows * * * * *

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd the The kiss at midnight was perfect! So far Malaysia has been great, the people seem very friendly we’ll soon be off to Langkawi to relax on the beach.

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