Monday, December 20, 2010

One Week Till Take Off



Only four days left of work for the rest of the year, and almost the start of a great adventure!  What more could one want? I have almost everything prepared packing wise for Malaysia, all nicely squished into my carry on baggage. Which will last a comfortable 28 days. Along with my 5Dm2, 2 lenses, 1 flash, 1 tripod, and a x201. Which will should let me document the trip quickly and easily.  I just hope the space it’s taking up is worth it, which of course it will be!

Nataly and I will spend New Years in Kuala Lumpur, and currently that’s then end of the planning.  From there we’ll hopefully follow a rough itinerary, which we have yet to finalize.  Or really even start, but of course that’s half the fun.  Keep the trip fluid, play it by ear, and follow random paths we would of never thought about if we stuck to a strict plan and timeline.

That’s all for now, I hope to keep this updated through the trip!


  1. yeaaaah ! 7 days left !!!!!!!! hope korean will be good and calm guys ...

  2. 2 days in, how's it going? :-)

  3. In Korean airport for a few more hours. But great so far considering I haven't made it to the final destination yet.