Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lazy Days in KL

We spent most yesterday just relaxing and sleeping in a bit to late… There were plans to get the Bird Park, and a couple other things, but considering I think letting a lazy day take over was just fine.  Plus today I seem to finally be on track with the time zone! We did make to the Petronas Towers just before the lights when out for the evening, and wondered around the streets for awhile, but our main goal was the towers, and it seems like everything turned off at the same time all over town.


Today we woke up and ran straight to the mall and found a nice little bakery to get some snacks for the bus ride to Kuala Perlis.  We just had one and it was fantastic.  It was a chicken and cheese roll, with a little sweetness, and less than $1 US.  I can’t wait try the other two we picked up, but the bur ride will probably be around 5 hours.  Anyway I’m jumping ahead.  So rewinding back to the hotel to check out…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe took a cab to the bus station, which was about a 15 minute taxi out of the city center.  Once we got out of the cab, we had a guy take us to the ticket counter to purchase a ticket.  Which was a life saver, and cost us nothing!  Without his help it would have been much harder to figure out how in the world to do anything there since the ticket booths were just rickety little stands.  Once we got out ticket we thought it would be a nice 45 minute wait in the “cool” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAshade of a tree. It wasn’t horrible, but instead of the cool shade of a tree, we enjoyed the hot shade of the tree and the exhaust from all the buses around us.  Also our bus ended up being 45minutes late so we had the pleasure to waiting a bit longer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut the bus was worth it! We’re on a double decker bus fully air conditioned, and huge seats. Oh and a movie! I was hoping for free wifi since I saw some ads saying some buses had that, but for RM45 (about $15 US) for each ticket I’m not complaining by any means. We may stay in Kuala Perlis tonight since the bus ended up leaving later than expected and I’m not sure if we’ll make the last ferry. But an extra town, plus we don’t have reservations anywhere so all is good!

We ended up in Kuala Perlis a little after 9, and found a crappy hotel next to the bus station, so tomorrow morning we’ll be off the ferry!


  1. I see you're wearing your new wristwatch. Glad to see it's working out for you!

  2. Yep, I had to take it off the first 2 days part way through since my wrist wasn't used to a band, and it reacted a little by swelling up in one spot. Now it seems to of gotten over the little fit, and it's working out great. It's pretty sweet being able to take a quick look at your wrist and see the time! Crazy idea I tell you. :p