Thursday, January 13, 2011

Island Day 2 of 3

IMG_0708Another wonderful day on the island.  We slept inIMG_0724, and lazily walked down to eat far to much breakfast.  We were told the resort had a lot of people but we counted about twenty guests.  There was room in the dining area for at least four times that many, so to us it felt pretty deserted.  Which if IMG_0789course was fine, both the beach houses seemed to be empty right next to us.  So it was a very niceIMG_0858 very quite spot on our beach.  Every now and again someone would walk by, but we never saw anyone else on the beach.  And we spent most of the day snorkeling off the shore, relaxing on the beach, and eating at the IMG_0924buffet. The perfect relaxing island atmosphere, and best of all tomorrow we get to sleep in again!  I love not being rushed when we wake up.  Unfortunately the Olympus isn’t turning on still, so no pictures from the snorkeling…

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