Monday, January 3, 2011


We hit the 2nd ferry of the day, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAjust in time for it to leave, so no waiting.  Just walked on; sat down; headed out. After an hour on the boat, and about 20 minutes in a cab and we found a room near the beach. The Gecko Guest House, a quaint little place that the book recommended for the budget end of things.  I think we’ll stay here for a couple days, and then hit something a bit more high end later. They also have scooter rentals for RM30 ($10US) a day!  Who’s getting a scooter, that’s right we are!  Assuming it stops raining soon, today we woke to a nice little rain that hasn’t had a chance to let up. But that won’t stop us from enjoying the beach, it just might keep us from enjoying the sun.  We were told yesterday it was sunny and warm all day, so I hope it will soon return.
The rest of the day was great, we laid on the beach, swam in the water and got stung by jelly fish.  I got stung quite a few times, unlike OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANataly which only was stung once, but they were tiny little guys so it was just a slight inconvenience. Also while laying on the beach we watched little sand crabs eating, which creates little tiny “sand bubbles” when they’re done cleaning the sand. I’m hoping I can get a video before we leave the island.
Just an overall enjoyable day on the lazy beaches of Langkawi island, and I’ll end with a 3 picture set of the amazing transformation I went through after drinking a miracle beverage which induces a period of uncontrollable joy!  I’m sure this would be highly illegal in the states, but here Kickapoo Joy Juice is sold along side such beverages like coke, and sprite…

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