Monday, January 10, 2011

Leaving Paradise

IMG_0287We woke up bright and early since I passed out right after sunset, and the power was only on till 6am.  Note without power you get no fan, with out fan, fuck it gets hot quick!  So we had breakfast and decided to walk down to the local village on the island.  A very small, and very friendly place.  Everyone we walked by said hello and waved, we were even lucky enough to see a sleeping turtle!  Sleeping, not IMG_0292dead, just sleeping that’s the story we’re sticking to.  We didn’t stick along long enough to find out, but did get a quick picture.  We also saw a lot of sea cows, roaming the beaches.  I call them sea cows  because the were on the beach, but really they were probably just normal cows.

IMG_0313On our way back through the village a young boy gave Nataly a really cool looking shell.  I was a bit jealous, but I did get to hold it at least.  Maybe in one of the small villages I’ll get something given to me!  One can hope, but for now Nataly is winning!

Then after the walk we tried laying on the beach for a while but every time we walked out it started raining, and I was still feeling under the weather and just wanted to sleep.  So we ended up under our room just relaxing, and or sleeping.

Right when I entered a blissful sleep, I was awakened to shouts that the boat had arrived to take us back.  How dare them! The ride was better on the way back, but then again I was half asleep for most of it, very ready for a much needed nap.

We headed back to our hotel from the day before in hopes they had a room, and we were in luck!  So if worst came to worst, at least we had a place to sleep tonight.  And after calling the travel agent, we had the rest of the week planned.  Two days in the jungle, and three days on the beach.  With a potential one day layover on the coast.

So another day of getting to wake up a 5am while just wanting to lay in bed all day.  I was hoping to pass out super early but we had to run to the store to get Nataly some pants, and a long sleeved shirt for the jungle. Note a lot harder than it sounds, not because they didn’t have something that would cover your arms and legs, but because everything that did looked like something you’re wear in the middle of winter…

IMG_0334Oh! I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned the Malaysian bakeries that seem to be a ton of places.  Essentially it’s a pastry shop that sells sweet rolls, and food rolls.  The have donuts, pizza, chicken, sausage, tuna, and a a ton of others.  And the best part each on is only around 30 to 60 cents each!  So we picked up breakfast for tomorrow morning.

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