Friday, January 14, 2011

Leaving Pom Pom

IMG_0955We woke up this morning to a very gray morning, with a nice amount of rain.  So of course the first thing we did was head to the breakfast buffet, and eat till it hurt one final time. Afterwards we tried to snorkel a but more but the storm killed the visibility in the water, so we just wondered around not quite sure what to do until the boat left at 2, and we had to be out of the room by noon.  We ended up playing billiards for awhile, and just messing around the resort until the boat was ready to leave.

IMG_0983Once the boat was ready we headed back across to town, and an hour trip to the airport, followed up by a flight at 9pm.  So a nice 6 hour wait till the flight.  We thought about trying to wonder around town, but all the relaxing made us both lazy, so we sat down and waited.  I watched a few episodes of Boardwalk Empire, which seems pretty decent.  Oh and about half way through the first episode I noticed I accidently stole the room key, so I sent a quick email in hopes I could get it back to them.  In about an hour someone showed up to grab the key, so at least I didn’t steal there key along with accidently breaking the towel holder.  Oops, but it was pretty damn cheap since I just leaned on it slightly and it tore of the wall.  And I just very carefully pushed it back into place, and assumed it happened often enough for me not to bother mentioning…

IMG_1105The wait as the airport wasn’t to bad, but I was definitely happy once we got back to KK and to the hotel room. So we have another day and a half in KK with no real plans, which sounds great to me!

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